Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Strange Tales custom covers project

In honor of the publication of the first softcover edition of the Doctor Strange Marvel Masterworks Vol. 1 coming out today, I figure I would feature a link to my Custom Strange Tales covers. The immortal Steve Ditko (co-creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange with Stan Lee) did not have his work gracing the covers of any of the issues in the legendary run he had on that title... except for issue #146, the last one he did. OK, maybe he had some floating heads or half a cover here and there, but mostly Ditko's Doctor Strange gave up the cover space for Nick Fury or The Human Torch. This inspired me to re-create vintage Strange Tales comic covers WITH Dr. Strange on the cover from Ditko's Dr. Strange interior art (and a few covers John Byrne did back in the 80's). Then I actually attached my replica covers to low grade copies of the original comic books. Click below to see the results:

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  1. These are awesome. Well done! Makes me want to go back and reread these stories. Lee/Ditko's Dr. Strange is classic material.