Monday, November 22, 2010

Movie poster of the day

A rare (and very narrow) vintage poster for the great John Boorman film "Point Blank", starring Lee Marvin as a film noir unstoppable killer out for revenge to the backdrop of a beatnik psychedelic mid-60's Los Angeles. The movie is based on the Richard Stark book "The Hunter", and Archie Bunker (Carol O'Connor) and Dean Wormer (John Vernon) are in it, as is a very sexy Angie Dickinson. Angie did 2 other movies with Lee Marvin (Death Hunt and The Killers), and he gets it on with her in all 3 of them! This movie was re-made as the Mel Gibson movie "Ransom", and has been recently adapted into a comic book by Darwyn Cooke. The character Lee Marvin portrays inspired me to make a customized action figure, which I blogged about a while back. The poster measures 13 and a half inches by 34 inches and I've never run across another one in this size:

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