Friday, November 12, 2010

The Crown Tiki!

In 2004, my brother Allan and his friend Larry set out to convert the garage in our childhood home into one of the finest private tiki bars in Los Angeles (IMHO). Spending most of that summer getting thatch and various tiki artifacts from Oceanic Arts and collecting vintage mugs, Allan and Larry put together a room to make any tikiphile smile: THE CROWN TIKI!

Although I'm proud of what these boys accomplished, my only contribution to the cause has been making the 3D drink menu and the website. For years my cousin Aubrey has been urging me to update the photos on the website, which hasn't been changed since 2005. In that time Allan has added some amazing additions to the place, such as a rare Witco bar and some Easter Island Heads in the adjacent lawn. Well, as of today, there are brand new photos on the site, so have a look!

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