Friday, September 30, 2011

Reflections on Student Teaching: Week 1

I can get to the school in 8 minutes.I eat a Cinnamon Pop Tart and drink a 5 Hour Energy Drink and a Glaceau Vitamin Water "Focus" drink each morning.
They have a parking structure for the staff.
All the kids are in uniforms. Blue pants. White shirts.
Some people break this rule, but not many.
One of the teachers told me they don't allow the kids to dress up for Halloween.
The children in the special education class are the most well behaved I've observed so far.
The first master teacher I work with is strict. The kids respect her. Learning a lot from her.
Was in her class all this week and did a Read-Aloud for the entire class and led some small group activities in math and language arts.
Today I was at IEP meetings all day with my second master teacher. She's running a new program called IDEC. Her assistant translated all the kids needs beautifully to the parents and guardians. These people are on it.
All the kids have their own personal laptop/tablets. The class has it's own smart board and printer.
Only 6 kids in the entire class.
Don't feel too exhausted at the end of the day.
So far so good.

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