Monday, September 5, 2011


This is the first official announcement for, my official web store. It's kind of like eBay, since you can pay with Paypal, but I'm offering downloadable content along with stuff you can buy in the real world.

The logo is modeled after the Hallis' Ladies Wear logo, which was my Grandparent's clothing store in North Battleford, Saskatchewan. 

On the first day of online business, I'm offering high resolution images of The Picture of Everything, my Alien Man comic book (as both a real comic you can order and a PDF), and the Don Knotts Overdrive 7" vinyl single from the early 90's.

In the weeks to come, my original novella "Dotty and The Murderer" will be available for download, along with a whole bunch of rare collectible toys, art, and memorabilia.

If anyone out there is interested in how I set up this store, I used Prestashop, but couldn't have done it without the programming expertise of Robert Bain.

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