Sunday, September 11, 2011

9-11-01 Memories

• My girlfriend at the time waking me up with the words "Turn on the television."
• People on TV, covered in ash.
• Thinking about the ending of The Lone Gunmen pilot (which I had watched a few months before the event) that had an airplane which was piloted by remote control from the ground barely missing the Twin Towers...
• Realizing my dad, who died that past July, would never see all the tragedy and fear that spread all over the globe as a result of this event.
• Thinking about the tarot card "The Tower".
• My cousin, who was in town from Canada, being worried about flying home.
• The W speech on the big TV.
• My brother getting survival supplies at the Surplus Store.
• Freaking out at the abandoned moving van parked on our street.
• Thinking this was just the first of a bunch of horrible attacks to come on American soil. Glad this wasn't the case. Very glad.

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