Monday, February 6, 2012

Into The Zone: The Cacophony Society Movie - PREMIERE

This past Saturday I went down to Santa Ana (about an hour South of Los Angeles) to the Yost Theater for the benefit preview of Jon Alloway's documentary on the Cacophony Society, "Into The Zone".

The movie took about 15 years to make, and it's a fantastic labor of love. An incredibly inspiring and fascinating look at the chaos created by The Cacophony Society, the group who not only inspired Fight Club's Project Mayhem, but were the instigators behind SantaCon, Burning Man, Punk Rock Circuses, and Bike Rodeos. This movie will perpetuate that insanity for a whole new generation.

I'm in the film in a few scenes. You can see me at the Cacophony event we had for the Hale Bopp suicide ufo cult and briefly during Potty Con performing the "Caca Cabana".

There's also video of the clown orgy, which up until this weekend I only thought was a myth. (I wasn't there for that one.)

Here's some pix I originally took in 3D at the event, so most people in the photos are trying to "do something 3Dish"...
LA Cacophony Society leader Reverend Al Ridenour

Art exhibits feature relics from past Cacophony events

My friend Mike Dunn with a giant crocodile person.

Cyclecide founder (and my old roomate) Jarico Reese

Jon Alloway (who spent 15 years making this movie) and his friend Spork.

Inside the karaoke motor home that gives away free beer and lets people sing.

Artist Kari French making her famous "pussy-prints".

My friends (from left to right) Amber, Mike, Mike, Rebecca, and Mike.

Cacophony madman Rich Polysorbate and friend.

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