Sunday, December 4, 2011

Reflections on Student Teaching Week 10

Had to fill in for a teacher who was having an IEP meeting this week and managed to give a lesson to a class with a number of kids with severe Autism. Did pretty well, but their lunchtime playground was absolute bedlam. Children riding tricycles like they were battering rams and violent keep away games that ended in quite a few tears. The winds had blown a basketball hoop completely over a metal fence to the field on the other side of the playground. It felt surreal, like I was in the eye of a chaotic storm.

Went with the kids in the SDC room to their practice for the Christmas musical and sang "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" enough times to want to bash my head into a wall. The kids did look cute doing the tune though.

Finished the longest term paper in my entire college career on Thursday night. My Progress Monitoring paper for my student teaching class clocked in at 47 pages with appendix charts. Very glad that one is behind me.

One more week of student teaching left!

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