Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My Defenders #1 Blank Cover artwork

One of the six variant covers to #1 of Marvel's 2011 Defenders series is blank, which is done for artists to fill in. I made 3 copies of the following front cover and back cover:
A blatant Steve Ditko swipe

My tribute to Crumb, Shelton, Griffin and Vaughn Bode

The cover image of Dr. Strange getting busy was a re-creation of a Steve Ditko drawing along with some inspiration from a sexy picture of the GI Joe Baroness I found online. It makes reference to an incident that actually occurs in the comic.

The back cover is a tribute to the artwork of some underground comic legends: Dr. Strange and Red She Hulk is in the style of an infamous Robert Crumb piece. Iron Fist is in the style of Vaughn Bode's Cobalt 60. The Sub Mariner is a combo of Wonder Warthog and Freak Brother Freewheelin' Franklin. The Silver Surfer is based on Rick Griffin's legendary surfing comic.

Here's the 3 covers. I painted one of them blue but decided to keep the other two white:

Here's the 3 back covers:

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