Sunday, October 16, 2011

Reflections on Student Teaching Week 3

There were dozens of dead roaches in the staff refrigerator but no one stepped up to clean them out.
The 4 kids who are mainstreamed to a general ed math class are ahead of all the other students in their SDC class when it comes to mathematics.
Does mainstreaming special ed students work?
When they have a good TA or student teacher to help them!
We have a guy coming in to the IDEC room each week to teach a reading strategy that involves drumming.
It was developed by one of Jimi Hendrix's drummers.
I personally think it only sort of helps.
One of the required reading books I read to the kids was all about zombies.
They have Ceasar Chavez Day and MLK Day off, but not Columbus Day. I can understand that.
Found out the school janitor's 12 year old son got a 14 year old girl pregnant.

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