Friday, August 5, 2011


Do you say "My favorite fruit is blueberries." or "My favorite fruit are blueberries."?


  1. Without ruining the generally thought-provoking, arcane and cryptic nature of your "Thoughts" post, this is one of those things that as a wordsmith and former proofreader, would present itself on several occasions (ok, maybe not with blueberries, per se, but...).

    When in doubt, I always invert the sentence structure.

    "Blueberries are my favorite fruit." sounds better than "Blueberries is my favorite fruit.", and would be correct.

    Unless one is from or visiting Bizarro-world, in which case; "Blueberries am not my favorite fruit!" could be interchangeable with, "Me am hate Blueberries!"

  2. Me am hate Blueberries is how I will say it from now on.