Thursday, August 18, 2011

Keeley Hallis RIP

One of the toughest things to see is putting a pet to sleep when they're in too much pain to carry on. Keeley was a great dog. She always seemed to be smiling. When you threw her a ball she would never go to fetch it. At first I thought she might be dumb, and she might have been (I can't really judge those things with dogs) but then I thought "Maybe she just doesn't play fetch". She surprised everyone when she jumped over a 6 foot fence by backing up to the garage and taking a flying leap. That was pretty clever. Keeley liked going for walks with my Mom and keeping my Grandmother company as they watched "Cash Cab" and "Judge Judy". She never whined or needlessly barked. She was a very good girl. In the last few months she got too sick to walk properly and had a rough time of things just moving around. A week ago it got too bad she couldn't get up, so yesterday we took her to be put to sleep.

Animals have a distinct sense about when they are going to die. She put her paws on my hand in the car all the way to the vets and was only scared for a second at the end. The relief came quickly after the fear and that was that.

I'll miss her.

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