Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tiki Ti with my brother Allan 7/28/11

Went to Tiki Ti with my brother on my birthday and got a drink on the house. Exceptionally rare for that place, which is a tiki institution. Photos below are by Jim (of the Tiki Ti drink "Jim's Special" fame)

This also marks the first time I went to Tiki Ti where I got something that wasn't on the menu. Since the night I met my wife Jesse, we both had "Adios Motherf--ers", I decided that would be a good drink to get for my 40th. From what I understood, an "Adios Motherf--er" is the same thing as an "Electric Lemonade". Not so says the Tiki Ti bartender brothers Mike and Mark!

Apparently an Electric Lemonade is Sweet and Sour, Vodka and Blue Curacao, while an Adios Motherf--er is actually vodka, gin, rum, and Blue Curacao. Nice to know the difference!

Mike made me the Tiki Ti Adios Motherf--er, which was different from the online recipies in that it didn't add Sprite or 7-Up to the mix. A very strong drink!

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