Friday, July 22, 2011

Ground Control Karaoke Book 3D Lenticular Cover #7

Here's the seventh in a series of eleven 3D karaoke song-book covers I've made for Ground Control Karaoke.

This one features a bunch of mash-up images I've appropriated from around the web. Credits include "Harry Stardust" by Evan Ferstenfeld and Enkel Dika, "Unknown Mickey" from Disney Couture, "Milhaus" by Patt Whelan, "Captain Jack Scissorhands" by Jeff Clark, "Beatles Tron" by GarO, "Muppet X-Men" by Rahzzah, "Alfred E. Neuman Misfits" by Love Is Lame, "Dexter Dexter" by Loldwell, "Vampirella Rio" by Cliff Chiang, "Dr. Who Peanuts" by Laughing Squid, "Goofy Galactus" by Adam Koford, and "Amazon" from Amalgam Comics. I don't remember where I found the Dude video game character.

If you want to see a Flash simulation of what this would look like as a 3D lenticular, CLICK HERE.

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