Wednesday, December 9, 2015


My wife and I have been binge watching The X-Files in preparation for Season 10 premiering this January. She’s seen all the episodes before (it’s her third time actually) so I consider her a big fan. For the holidays, I wanted to give her an X-Files themed gift. Nothing like a collectible toy or a poster or shirt, but something more useful and interesting. There's an X-Files video game and board game, but both of those would take up too much time. A card game would be ideal. Was there an X-Files card game? Turns out there wasn’t. So I made an X-Files themed UNO game in Photoshop and had it printed out for her.

The images on the number cards are from the DVDs, which happen to have numbers on them. I got the Skip card from a comic book cover and the Draw 2 card from the teaser poster to the second X-Files movie. The cover is from the X-Files Pinball game art. As for the comic strip, that was made by changing the word bubbles from an interior page of the X-Files / 30 Days Of Night #2 crossover comic book.

Of course, The X-Files is copyright Fox Entertainment and UNO is copyright Mattel.

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