Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The New Sanctum Sanctorum West

I recently relocated and just finished putting up my new Sanctum Sanctorum for my Dr. Strange collection. It holds almost every comic book and graphic novel appearance of Marvel's Dr. Strange. Also included are original works of art by Gene Colan, Frank Brunner and Alex Ross, among others, as well as DVDs, video games and toys:

A lenticular piece I made based on Marie Severin's art from Strange Tales #158. It's in a lightbox right outside the room which houses The Sanctum:

 This closet adjacent to The Sanctum houses all my Dr. Strange t-shirts and my collection of first printing hardcovers of Neil Gaiman's Sandman:

My large display cabinet couldn't fit into the doorway of the room where The Sanctum is housed, so it resides in my living room:


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