Tuesday, April 1, 2014

More Foreign Dr. Strange Rarities!

Got a bunch of Doctor Strange comics, graphic novels and other things from all over the world in the last few weeks!

First up, from Spain, a set of graphic novels not published in America:

Another one from Spain reprints the Last Rites storyline in the Doctor Strange Sorcerer Supreme comic series. This has never been reprinted in America. The comics are available separately, but I tracked down the much rarer omnibus of the 8 individual issues:


This Marvel Team Up reprint from Spain has a painted cover. I love painted covers!

The final one from Spain is a super rare (but very professionally put together) fanzine devoted to Dr. Strange:

Not a comic, but here's a DVD copy of the Lion's Gate Dr. Strange Animated Movie from Mexico:

Here's two modern reprints from Germany:

Now it's off to France, with some great issues of "Strange!" The first reprints a ROM Spaceknight storyline and has another amazing painted cover:

Also with the same cover is a Strange Album, which collects 3 entire issues (including #172 pictured above)

Here's issue #210, which reprints Defenders #101:

And finally, the big one and a grail I've been looking for for years... A PENCE COPY OF STRANGE TALES #110! This U.K. comic is rarer than almost any American Marvel 35 cent variant and extremely hard to find. It may be beat up, but I'm glad to own one!

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