Monday, October 28, 2013

Cthulhu costume at Burning Man 2002

This costume was on display at Nova Express Cafe for many years. It was made by Jennifer Cho and Cary Long and nearly didn't survive a future Burning Man experience when it was run over by a truck. Here it is back in the day in all its glory. Sorry for the blurry photo but it was taken with my Watch Camera. (Back then Watch Cameras were the forefront of technology since no one had the ability to take pictures with their phone just yet.)

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  1. Mr. Hallis,

    I'll be going to school tomorrow as a Cthulhu cultist. I wanted to thank you for your "Who will be eaten first" parody, as I found it very helpful in making a school-safe informational brochure. Hopefully I will inspire a student or three to check out Lovecraft.