Friday, March 8, 2013

More rare Dr. Strange stuff

Got these in the mail recently. Superaventuras Marvel #2 and #6 from Brazil. Love the weird re-drawing of Frank Brunner's Dr. Strange Vol. 2 #1 on the first one. The second comic is in bad shape on the spine, but both of these are reprints of the classic Marvel Premiere Dr. Strange run from the early 70's and the covers were too neat to resist... Gotta love how they call him Dr. Estranho there!

Superaventuras Marvel #2

Superaventuras Marvel #6

Also a recent arrival is this issue of Spider-Man Weekly from the UK that reprints the classic Amazing Spider-Man Annual #2 story, illustrated by Steve Ditko with a cover only printed in Britain:

Spider-Man Comics Weekly #23

Finally, my wife's Valentine's Day gift to me was an unopened box of Spider-Man The Animated Series Valentines from 1998! These are actually quite rare, and I've been looking for a set for years.

Front of box

Back of box

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh!
    I love the Foreign editions.
    Nice find!

    Those will have to go on my "things to hunt for in my 'old age'..." list, while I spend my current years hunting for all the contemporary US stuff (of which there is an ever-increasing amount).


    The Valentines caught me by surprise, so I spent a half hour tracking down a box.

    Thanks for the tip, my friend!

    Still, to have your wife be cool enough (crazy enough?) to willingly ADD to your collection is a beautiful thing!
    My wife tolerates my collection - and maybe to a certain extent might think it's kinda cool - but I don't think she'd willingly add to it.
    (But maybe she would... I'll have to posit that hypothetical to her - and hope she doesn't threaten to burn it all.)