Monday, March 19, 2012

WonderCon gets

My friend Jay Tando, who recently played a cop with a bushy mustache in the LMFAO video for "Sorry For Party Rocking" (which as of the day of this post has been seen by 33 million humans), scored a comp for me to attend WonderCon yesterday (Sunday 3/18/12). Thanks Jay! I totally forgive you for any party rocking you might have done in the past and appreciate you volunteering to drive.

Usually held up in San Francisco, WonderCon was inexplicably held near Disneyland in Anaheim this year. About a quarter of the size of San Diego's Comic Con madness which I vowed never to attend again, it was just the right amount of people to make for a nice Sunday afternoon.

I ended up spending $80 I really didn't have to spend this month but did anyway. Here's my schwag:

Lovecraftian glassware from Fez-O-Rama. Almost got a Cthulhu Fez from them but I looked ridiculous in it. Ended up getting 2 sets of both the Mystic Order of The Elder Gods design and the Cthulhu design.

My friends looked at me weird when I told them "I got an In-Betweener at WonderCon."

Some gruesome Stanley Publication reprints of pre-code horror comics.


  1. Excellent! Thank you for the props ;^)

  2. Awesome drinkware.
    Nothing soothes the nerves like a single malt scotch distilled from the essence of fear created by "the old ones".
    Ahhh... refreshing!

    Oh, and...