Sunday, February 20, 2011

IMHO: Science & Technology

Mac or PC?: Mac, but I've used PC's at work.
Favorite scientific law: The Law of Conservation of Matter and Energy
What existed before the big bang?: Pure void.
What happens inside a black hole?: Matter becomes a singularity.
Are there parallel universes?: Probably, if you believe the math.
Where is humanity evolving?: In the future, if humanity is able to merge consciousness onto a machine, we'll be able to preserve each of our minds in digital form. We will then become machines ourselves, or exist as bits of information within machines. Perhaps this is what reality is now and we just don't know it.
Favorite number: Pi
Technology I'd like to see developed in the next 200 years: Visual Dream Recorders, teleportation, food replicators, wetware implants that enable people to instantly know math and be able to speak and understand any language, ways to communicate with the dead.

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