Monday, December 13, 2010

Tonight I Became a Master Mason

In Freemasonry, if you are a member in good standing when you die, they give you a tribute in the monthly Stated Meeting of the lodge. They mention the day when you were born, the day when you were called from labor (when you died), and the day when you were raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason, or the 3rd Degree.

The last one would be today for me, December 13th, 2010. I find it interesting that this particular day will be mentioned after I pass on. It's a beautiful one in Los Angeles. Bright, sunny sky. I finished converting The Picture of Everything into a 3D lenticular today, which is something I'm very proud of. I also got to spend time with my wife, see my mom and grandma, and sing karaoke. Not a bad day at all.

To further commemorate the day, here's the 2010 officers of my Masonic Lodge (Ionic Composite #520) as they appear in The Picture of Everything:

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